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Znode Updates and Releases Spring 2019 Webinar Highlights

On April 24, 2019, Don Robbins, account manager for Znode, and Shelley Hooper, product manager, led a webinar on Znode’s new updates and releases. Below are the main highlights and key takeaways.

Q: What topics are covered in this webinar?

A: This webinar overviews Znode’s progression through the years, key features of Znode 9, updates introduced in Znode 9.1, and the Znode product roadmap.

Q: Why was Znode’s progression overviewed?

A: Many customers have asked what are the differences between each version of Znode, and so this webinar begins by outlining how the platform has evolved in features and functionality. Znode’s progression was also explained so that customers on past versions of Znode can better understand what improvements have been made in Znode 9.

Q: What are some major benefits of the Znode 9 release?

A: Prior to Znode  9, the platform was largely a shopping cart and a number of features were outside of Znode and acted as plugins. Znode 9 was designed to offer more value with more built-in features such as CMS, PIM, DAM, OMS, and site search.

Another key feature of Znode 9 is the fact that it is completely headless. This provides a number of benefits including easier extensibility, and the ability for the platform to receive consistent feature releases and updates without having to go through an expensive platform upgrade.

Q: What influenced the updates introduced in Znode 9.1?

A: All of the updates introduced in Znode 9.1 were influenced by customer feedback. These updates include a refresh to the admin system, CMS enhancements, and simplified software updates through GitHub and NuGet.

Q: What is the purpose of the Znode roadmap?

A: The Znode roadmap was introduced to give customers full transparency in upcoming features and functionality planned for the platform. Roadmap features highlighted in the webinar include CMS enhancements and overall performance improvements.

Download a video recording of the webinar by filling out the form in the right sidebar.