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Ecommerce is the future, The future is now

To align, businesses have core ecommerce outcomes to achieve.

  • Increase speed-to-market.
  • Deliver personalized product and content experiences by customer type.
  • Lower cost with a single point of investment for multiple channels.
  • Future-proof investments against rapid change.
  • Eliminate ecommerce replatforming once and for all.

Znode is an enterprise, B2B ecommerce platform created for the unique needs of manufacturers and distributors. Znode’s native B2B functionality allows for easy management of customer-specific catalogs, management of multiple web storefronts, workflow approvals, complex pricing, inventory and product types, as well as quote management.

The platform features an API-first architecture with over 1,200 API endpoints, allowing for greater extensibility and easier integrations.

Take a deeper look at how Znode can address business complexities and go-to-market strategy demands to streamline multi-channel commerce management.

Today’s Digital Buyer

Modern buyers are performing the majority of product research online without interacting with sales. In fact, 53% of B2B buyers name content and product details as a top requirement when selecting B2B sellers. The ability to merchandise and serve the appropriate product to the correct customer, along with the right pricing, is simplified within Znode with the native PIM system and pricing engine.

"Our customers have been able to quickly access the right products through personalized product catalogs. Without Znode’s ability to easily create virtual product catalogs, we would be replicating data for every school uniform program we serve."

- Matt Kohls, COO at School Uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger

Sales people need to move from order takers to order makers and organizations need to train them to use data and maximize opportunities an ecommerce platform delivers. Znode's sales console marries ecommerce data and evolved customer relationships. Sales reps are able to use this data to provide more value to customers and optimize account opportunities.

Serious B2B Ecommerce

As manufacturers and distributors get serious about ecommerce, the need to support multiple channels in ecommerce instantaneously becomes a requirement. Znode’s multi-store capabilities adapt to any ecommerce strategy with the ability to easily manage multiple ecommerce sites. Delivered are multiple revenue sources (B2B, D2C and B2B2X), multiple catalogs, multiple ecommerce stores, all in one database.

"Znode is particularly well-suited for midmarket B2B companies looking for a value-priced, architecturally-headless .NET commerce platform capable of handling complex multi-store scenarios."

 - Andy Hoar, Leading B2B Ecommerce Analyst

Monolithic platforms are becoming extinct, supposedly. Remnants can still be found in outdated platforms claiming to be headless, but are monolithes wrapped in APIs to check boxes in RFPs. “Headless ecommerce is APIs,” to paraphrase Joe Ciciman, a leading Forrester Ecommerce Analyst. Headless ecommerce has gotten the B2B ecommerce industry to where it’s going. For companies seriously looking to the future of managing multi-channel ecommerce with optimized customer experiences, composable commerce is the future.

Znode takes headless to a new level with an API-first architecture creating the ideal ecommerce engine for composable commerce as an application approach. This allows for Znode’s native capabilities or combining best-of-breed commerce components to achieve a business’s desired customer experiences.

Znode, The Center of Commerce

As a headless platform, Znode allows for flexibility in building personalized and unique customer experiences with content managed at a segment, account or even a user level. Each webstore can have its own unique branding and theme. Additionally, the extensibility of Znode from the business connector framework allows the platform to integrate many required business systems like ERPs, CRMs and more.

Product data has become the key to gaining and maintaining customers. Managing product information and offering the right set of products to the right customers along with the right content. Znode’s architecture is based upon a centralized product information management (PIM) system, allowing for unlimited catalogs to be created and applied to webstores. Unique catalogs and content can easily be managed and displayed based upon segment, account and a user level. The ultimate in shopping experience personalization.

“Znode’s native PIM system allows the management and distribution of product data in an efficient manner. Creating product catalogs for specific B2B accounts or target segments is extremely simple. It's the first step in personalization through product merchandising.”

- Nitesh Agrawal, CEO at Nivi Solutions, Znode Implementation Partner

Serving B2B customers, distributors and channels is key to multi-channel ecommerce. Znode has a robust set of B2B features (and B2C and B2B2X) to make multi-channel real without excessive customizations or the need for more ecommerce platforms. This includes syndicating product catalogs to third party marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, etc.

59% of B2B buyers name site search as the most important feature when selecting B2B sellers. Znode’s feature-rich native site search drives conversions and great customer experience by empowering administrators to manage search across multiple stores with automatic indexing, reducing management complexity, scale issues and heavy technical demands.

Industry Leading Multi-channel Ecommerce Platform

"Znode works. It works to deliver custom experiences for our various segment user profiles. We’ve also been able to offer different payment methods based upon user profiles. It just works!"

 - Beth Mazza, Ecommerce Manager at National Marker Corporation

“With more native B2B functionality than SaaS ecommerce platforms on the market, Znode is the platform of choice when simplifying complex ecommerce.”

- Jeff Morris, CEO and President at Ntara, Znode Implementation Partner

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