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The Headless Enterprise B2B Ecommerce Platform

Znode is an enterprise, B2B ecommerce platform developed to enable sustainable growth through a rich set of all-in-one features to easily manage content, site search, product information and multi-store functionality. The platform is completely headless with over 1,200 API-endpoints allowing for greater extensibility, easier integrations and consistent functional updates.

Built-In B2B Features

  • Complex Inventory

    Complex Inventory

    Native support for various product types, including standard stock products, variant products, virtual products, kits and bundles.

  • Complex Pricing Rules

    Complex Pricing Rules

    Create and manage customized price lists down to the user level. Unlimited price points, tiers and currencies.

  • Unlimited Personalized Catalogs

    Unlimited Personalized Catalogs

    Create shopper-based catalogs that are unique to various shopper profiles and support different channels.

  • List Management

    List Management

    Shoppers can create lists by individual projects or work orders to organize and manage orders and ensure accurate fulfillment and execution of jobs and projects.

  • B2B Approval Workflows

    B2B Approval Workflows

    Manage order approvals through workflows. Control budgets, user order limits and annual limits. Aggregate multiple orders into one group order for efficient fulfillment.

  • Quote management

    Quote management

    Create quotes for shoppers and email for review, or allow shoppers to create self-service quotes, and convert quotes to an order at a later time.

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