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b2b ecommerce is about delivering value

b2b ecommerce is about delivering value

Manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers have different business models, yet each needs to provide customers with an experience that leads to consistent conversions to retain and grow customer accounts.

Modern buyers expect more than a box of donuts and tickets to the ball game. Buyers expect to efficiently find account-specific product catalogs, specified pricing, accurate inventory, detailed product information, quoting capabilities, and, most importantly, value from the B2B ecommerce experience. Merchants need a B2B ecommerce platform that natively provides these B2B features and a data schema as dynamic as business.

b2b ecommerce use cases vary

b2b ecommerce use cases vary

There are limitless ways a merchant can go to market with a B2B ecommerce strategy. A B2B ecommerce platform should be able to enable any B2B ecommerce strategy with native functionality.

B2B StorefrontManufacturers or distributors supplying customers through a storefront
Distributor PortalManufacturers selling online to distributors through a login-protected portal
Reseller PortalManufacturers selling through distributors and dealers, an example of the B2B2X business model
Sales PortalManufacturers, distributors, sales reps, contractors/dealers, and other stakeholders collaborating on sales efforts

Merchants may choose a single channel approach and implement just one of the storefront or portal, or apply all across the globe, creating international multi-channel ecommerce programs. It comes down to what is appropriate for the business.

Znode provides the flexibility for merchants to decide what is appropriate for the business. Administrators can configure Znode’s dynamic schema to meet each merchant’s business requirements, not customized. Time to market is reduced when the need to customize a B2B ecommerce platform for a specific use case is eliminated.

native b2b functionality

  • Limitless Personalized Catalogs

    Create a virtual representation of all products and categories in Znode’s native PIM system with limitless catalogs. Apply personalized catalogs to multiple entities, including stores, accounts, users, and user profiles.

    Complex Pricing Rules

    Create and manage multiple pricing models, including contract or account-based pricing, tier pricing, unit of measure (UOM) based pricing, and multi-currency pricing. Syndicate pricing data via batch transfers and real-time calls from the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Configure pricing at the store, account, profile, and user levels.

    Quote Management

    Allow customers to submit a cart as a quote request, create quotes for shoppers, and email customers for review. Approve users or administrators to convert quotes to orders.

  • B2B Approval Workflows

    Manage order approvals through workflows. Control budgets with user order limits and annual spending limits. Aggregate multiple orders into one group order for efficient fulfillment.

    Expansive Inventory Controls

    Manage inventory across multiple warehouses, supporting various product types:
    - Standard stock
    - Variant/configured products
    - Virtual/digital products
    - Kits
    - Bundled products
    - Replacement products
    - Discontinued products
    - And more!
    Align product inventory data, including backorders, into Znode from an ERP system with batch and real-time inventory calls.

the ecommerce platform for b2b

Znode conquers the complexities of B2B ecommerce. Merchants can deliver personalized product catalogs specific to accounts, segments, or storefronts simply with Znode’s native PIM system. The B2B ecommerce platform features account management, providing parent-child accounts and approval routing for users. Znode’s pricing engine enables merchants to manage contract and tier pricing. Multi-warehousing and shipping options, inventory management, and order limits within Znode meet complex B2B ecommerce requirements.

Headless, API-First Architecture

Headless, API-First Architecture

The headless architecture of Znode decouples the customer experience from the administration console, powering design freedom and integration flexibility. Znode also offers a “head” via a native software development kit (SDK) for increased speed-to-market. A completely open set of REST endpoints composes Znode’s API, meaning nearly any customer experience can be built on top of the B2B ecommerce platform’s commerce engine and utilize native B2B feature set.

Support Any B2B Ecommerce Model

Support Any B2B Ecommerce Model

Znode provides buyers with a single B2B ecommerce platform for managing the B2B ecommerce experience regardless of channel. All product, order, account, and customer data are managed in one place — the administration console.

Prevent data silos and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). Eliminate the need for multiple ecommerce platforms. Implement and manage a single multi-store ecommerce platform, Znode.

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