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Course Overview

This course provides details on how to develop extensions and customizations to Znode for unique business requirements. Course attendees will learn how to modify a storefront theme, how to build a custom service extension, and best practices for Znode DevOps.

Who Should Attend

This course is targeted towards developers, technical architects, and DevOps teams who want to learn how to develop using the Znode SDK and extension model, and how to deploy Znode solutions, to meet unique use cases.

Course Agenda

  1. Znode Technology Stack & Architecture
  2. Preparing for Znode Development
    1. Source Code Management
    2. Understanding Znode Versioning
    3. Development Productivity Tips
  3. Deploying and Hosting Znode
  4. Developing the Znode Front-end
    1. Implementing Global Attributes in the Znode Theme
    2. Theme Notification System
    3. Content Container Setup
  5. Developing the Znode Back-end
    1. Extending Znode with the SDK
  6. Developing Znode with a “Full-platform” Mindset

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