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Improve the customer experience

Improve the customer experience

Site search is one of the most important features when creating a great customer experience. Shoppers at the end of the buying journey know what they want to purchase and navigate first to the search bar to find a product.

Site search is even more crucial in B2B ecommerce as buyers often search for part numbers or specific components, and returning the correct search is critical to conversion. Buyers that don’t find the part or product they seek will quickly bounce to another vendor.

More Site Search with Znode

More Site Search with Znode

Znode’s feature-rich native site search drives conversions and great customer experience by empowering administrators to manage search across multiple stores with automatic indexing, reducing management complexity, scale issues and heavy technical demands.

Search Tools to Increase Conversions

Znode site search has a rich tool set specifically developed for a leading customer experience and increased conversions including:

  • Searchandising

    Use analytics and search data to gather insights to build product promotions and drive sales. Populate landing pages with real-time search results and promotions.

  • B2B & B2C Algorithms

    Leverage sophisticated group and profile-based algorithms for personalized search results. Intelligently designed algorithms are unique for B2B and B2C use cases.

  • Boost & Bury Functionality

    Take control of online merchandising by choosing which products to showcase and which to suppress. Flexible boost & bury features allow ecommerce managers and marketers to push products based on market trends, inventory considerations, and promotional initiatives.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Rely on natural language processing, including stop words, synonym-based search, spelling correction and keyword redirects, to ensure that shoppers get high-quality search results on the first try - regardless of phrasing, typos and grammar.

  • Faceted Search

    Improve product search results and streamline the shopper’s journey. Use product filters to expose valuable information in an easy-to-shop format and put each attribute front and center.

  • Auto-Complete

    Help buyers quickly find the products they are searching for. Powered by ElasticSearch, Znode search results are auto populated and include product photography.

Don't see a feature? Don't worry.

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