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Centralize Online Order Management

Centralize Online Order Management

Manufacturers and distributors continue to increase the number of sales channels being served. Whether selling through storefronts, punchout catalogs, phone calls, EDI submissions, and more, the complexity of order management is always evolving.

Bring together all order channels. Manage the omnichannel experience with a robust B2B ecommerce platform that modernizes order operations and addresses abrupt challenges.

Challenges of B2B Ecommerce Order Management

Challenges of B2B Ecommerce Order Management

For those without the efficiencies of order process automation organization-wide digital transformation highlights the benefits. Reliance on manual processes must be eliminated. The supersession of these manual activities can be automated by Znode’s order management system module.

The repetition of manual processes is a common cause of order errors. As manufacturing has automated production processes to reduce product errors the same logic can be applied to order management.

Many legacy technology platforms do not allow for multichannel integration. Limiting scalability and adaptability to changing business demands. Znode provides the visibility to display real-time inventory. Also the native extensibility allows for integration to 3PLs and logistics platforms addressing modern shipment demands, ensuring all channel’s orders are fulfilled.

Managing the B2B Ecommerce Order Process

Managing the B2B Ecommerce Order Process

There are many steps in the ecommerce order management process. Having native capabilities to manage each step within a B2B ecommerce platform centralizes the management of order flow. Any unforeseen issues that arise can be handled with reduced resources. Discover each step of the process:

  1. Products added to cart/quote is created
  2. Order placed
  3. Payment authorization
  4. Order sent to warehouse
  5. Order is picked, packed and shipped
  6. Payment is captured
  7. Order is delivered
  8. Customer satisfaction
Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Capabilities

Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Capabilities

Znode delivers the necessary functionality to ensure multi-channel ecommerce order fulfillment.

Display inventory levels available in each warehouse. Inventories are adjusted automatically as orders are processed through the webstore. The low inventory notification can trigger if a product reaches the reorder threshold.

Administrators can set warehouse details, such as an address for accurate shipping calculations. Administrators are also able to configure alternate warehouses for use when the primary warehouse is out of stock.

Order Management Efficiencies

Order Management Efficiencies

As orders progress Znode delivers customer service representatives, and those responsible for customer satisfaction, key capabilities.

Pending Orders
Allow administrators to view and manage orders that are awaiting approval.

Approval Routing
Create order approval workflow and allow order approvers (and administrators) the ability to update the shipping method and shipping address details from an order.

Pending Payment
Administrators can view pending payments as well as manage the pending order.

Customer service representatives and administrators can issue unique vouchers that can be assigned to a specific customer and are automatically applied during checkout.

Pricing Engine
Administrators are able to associate multiple pricing lists and types with a single SKU. Product pricing can be associated with stores, user profiles, specific users, and B2B accounts.

Customer Service Solutions

Customer Service Solutions

As a full stack B2B ecommerce solution, Znode provides both customer service representatives and administrators the needed solutions to customers challenges.

Return Management
Allows administrators to approve and manage product returns easily. Customers can easily initiate returns and print packing slips from the webstore.

Proxy Ordering (Impersonation)
Customer service representatives can impersonate a customer by using the “Log In As” feature, allowing them to easily add personalized products for the customer.

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