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Prepare for Change

Prepare for Change

Do you know what the future holds? Nobody does, but preparing for the future has never been easier. As the rate of change in business accelerates, having the flexibility to create new experiences, adapt to new technologies and pivot quickly are driving the interests in headless commerce.

Unlike the traditional approach to ecommerce where the front-end and back-end have limited flexibility, design constraints, and pre-defined experiences; the front-end and back-end layer of a headless commerce platform is decoupled from the core engine. Administrators have the freedom to allow for unmatched customization and flexibility. This same architecture also makes integrations easier, empowering administrators with the flexibility and freedom to prepare for whatever comes next including IoT and the API economy.

You Name it, Znode can Make it Happen

You Name it, Znode can Make it Happen

While a lot of ecommerce platforms are claiming to be headless, most do not have a multitude of developed and easily exposed APIs. With over 1,200 pre-built APIs, Znode is the definitive headless commerce platform.

By running on headless architecture, APIs surround the main engine and core ecommerce libraries, providing a robust and easy-to-consume layer. Znode integrates into existing websites, mobile applications, back office systems, ERPs, CRMs – anything. Don’t have an existing CMS? Use Znode’s built-in CMS. Want to create a seamless customer experience? This is the platform.

Key Advantages of Znode’s Headless Architecture

Key Advantages of Znode’s Headless Architecture

Updates, not Upgrades
No more expensive upgrades or holding off on upgrades and functionality. Znode’s headless architecture allows for consistent functional updates, not upgrades. This is sustainable ecommerce. Spend more on marketing experiences and less on upgrades.

Easily access APIs to more easily manage integrations. The Znode API allows for integration with third-party systems, legacy infrastructure and unique shopping experiences providing increased flexibility and speed-to-market.

Znode is equipped with an out-of-the-box connector framework that supports ERPs and other applications. The API serves as the outer boundary of Znode, and can be used to extend the .NET ecommerce platform.

Learn more about the Znode Engine

Several layers and components comprise the logic required to run an ecommerce platform:

  • Services

    This layer sits just below the REST API and is responsible for invoking logic from the business libraries and aggregating data.

  • Business Libraries

    Components that contain all of the primary logic for the Znode ecommerce platform.

  • Provider Engine

    The heart of the Znode platform–a primary spot for extensibility and customization.

  • Site Search

    Znode comes with a very fast and powerful search engine, built using ElasticSearch, the industry standard search engine library.

  • Data Access

    All data for Znode is stored in Microsoft’s SQL Server database and is retrieved using the Entity Framework, along with custom stored procedures.

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