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Course Overview

This advanced course dives deeper into the data models in Znode and presents best practices for modeling and using Znode’s dynamic schema capabilities. Course attendees will learn how to set up sophisticated data models in Znode, create unique storefronts and create integrations with Znode.

Who Should Attend

This course is targeted towards business analysts, data architects and developers that want to understand the underlying structure of Znode data and the best approaches to extending Znode capabilities for unique business needs.

Course Agenda

  1. Znode Modeling Best Practices
  2. Data Model Introduction
  3. Data Integration and Modeling Templates
  4. PIM Design/Product Attributes
  5. Category and Catalog Data Capabilities
  6. Media Attributes
  7. Price Data
  8. Inventory Data
  9. Using Global Attributes
  10. User, Account and User Profile Data Capabilities
  11. Store Data Relationship
  12. Order Data Model
  13. Built-in Custom Fields
  14. Custom Development Overview

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