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Course Overview

This course provides details on how Znode site search functionality works and presents the tools and techniques used to manage site search. Course attendees will learn how site search works natively, how to configure search for specific business needs, the ability to identify why certain search results are presented and understand how to customize the site search functionality when needed.

Who Should Attend

This course is targeted towards business analysts, website managers, and technical team members who want to understand how Znode site search works, and how to configure search for a shopper's specific needs.

Course Agenda

  1. Real-world Znode Site Search Implementations
  2. Znode Site Search Overview and Architecture
  3. Site Search Basics
  4. Site Search Management Overview
  5. Configuring Site Search
  6. Site Search Scenarios
  7. Analysis and Reporting Options
  8. Extending Site Search Capabilities
  9. Site Search Tools and Debugging

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