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Znode’s multi-store capabilities adapt any ecommerce strategy with the ability to easily manage multiple ecommerce sites. Multiple revenue sources, multiple catalogs, multiple ecommerce stores, one database.
Multi-store, <br> -channel, -catalog. One platform.

-channel, -catalog. One platform.

Grow a digital-enterprise across all channels through Znode:

  • Replace that outdated internally-developed B2B ecommerce portal.
  • Execute a B2B2B or B2B2C strategy by developing unlimited ecommerce websites for dealers, distributors and representative networks.
  • Launch, grow and easily manage B2C and B2B ecommerce stores on a single platform.
  • Easily create and manage multiple product catalogs by account, user or profile. 
  • Get to market faster. Launch agile business models, test new markets and prepare for the future.

No need for additional ecommerce platforms, technology stacks, or additional cost and complexity.

Multi-Store Done Right

Multi-Store Done Right

Znode was designed from inception to empower multi-store ecommerce with easy management of multiple stores, multiple sites and multiple brands from one administration console. The core of Znode is a robust PIM decoupled from catalogs and stores. This flexible data structure allows a catalog to be applied at one store or shared across many stores, and allows for stores to have multiple catalogs, making store and catalog management significantly easier. This flexibility also allows other attributes such as themes, categories, users and accounts, payments, taxes and more to be applied at a store level in a one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many model. 

Znode’s complex B2B rules include complex pricing and multi-warehouse shipping that can be applied at a catalog or store level. B2B rules can also be applied by profile, account or customer by store, creating a personalized and flexible ecommerce experience.

launch and easily manage multiple ecommerce stores using a single platform

launch and easily manage multiple ecommerce stores using a single platform

Multi-store ecommerce enables the ability to create and manage multiple brands and multiple sites that serve unique audiences and channels. The need for multi-store ecommerce continues to grow as manufacturers and distributors sell direct online, develop ecommerce stores and tools to support specific customers and channels, and test and launch new business models. While many ecommerce platforms claim to have multi-store capabilities, not all are created equal.

Multi-Store Business Applications

  • Multi-Brand and Multi-Site Ecommerce Platform Capability

    Simplify ecommerce management at the enterprise level while developing unique shopping experiences at the brand level through supporting holding companies that manage multiple brands. There is no need to sacrifice centralized services for unique customer experiences.

  • Manufacturers and Distributors

    Support an entire ecommerce environment with the ability to add a B2C retail store, a B2B presence with account-based pricing, and B2B2C presence allowing channels to reach consumers through a single platform.

  • White-Label Storefronts

    Power white-label storefronts or custom experiences for specific companies, audiences or buying groups. White-label stores allow manufacturers and distributors to create personalized experiences for specific channels and end-customers while simplifying the buying experience.

  • Niche Ecommerce Stores

    Execute customer segmentation strategies by employing niche stores. Optimize organic search with specific content and drive higher conversions through offering specialized or distinct products and catalogs. Niche sites are typically category specific, event specific or promotion specific.

  • Regional Ecommerce Stores

    Global shoppers desire a local experience. Utilize regional ecommerce stores with the correct URL extensions, content, products, currency, and language to drive higher engagement and conversions.

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