PCI Compliance

As an online merchant, being PCI compliant shows customers and business partners that you take data security seriously. It demonstrates your high level of commitment to protecting your customers’ sensitive information and removes customer doubts about security that can cause them to abandon. 

When an eCommerce website customer reaches the point of checkout, the last thing you want to do is give them any reason to abandon their cart. Today’s online shoppers know to look for indications that their credit card data and other personal information will be secure during checkout. 

Being able to state that your eCommerce store is PCI compliant - and following industry best practices for data security - can remove any lingering doubts in customers’ minds that could cause them to abandon their cart.



Znode's PCI Compliance Strategy

Znode’s rigorous PCI strategy combines e-payment security best practices across all of our applications. That benefits both you and your customers.

PCI Compliance benefits for you
  • Safely accept multiple payment options
  • Achieve true resolution at SKU level 
  • Accept varied denominations
  • Meet all tax regulations based on product class, county, state, country
  • Have peace of mind that you will get paid
  • Build your reputation as a trustworthy, PCI compliant merchant
  • Enjoy repeat business that comes from customer trust 
  • Increase referral business from satisfied customers 
PCI Compliance benefits for your customers
  • Feel safe and secure during checkout 
  • Have no reason to hesitate at checkout and abandon cart
  • Trust you as a PCI compliant merchant
  • Have a choice of payment options 
  • Pay securely anytime/anywhere via mobile device
  • Not limited by payment denomination 
  • Be confident that taxes applied are correct
  • Enjoy a positive customer experience all the way through checkout