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NAUMD Webinar: Ecommerce 2.0: Shortening the Sales Cycle and Reducing Friction

As the economy re-opens, Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors are preparing for growth.

But are they really prepared for the new digital landscape? The COVID pandemic accelerated online adoption - and heightened expectations.

Now more than ever, buyers expect a premium experience. This webinar covered two critical components to growth:

  • Specifying and curating uniform program catalogs and stores, and displaying the right assortment to the right buyer. Many Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors are plagued by outdated ecommerce platforms that are slow and have limited functionality. Slow and limited do not win new customers in 2021.
  • Shortening the sales cycle and making it easier to click to the buy button. One of the toughest challenges in the uniform category is product personalization - the ability to add a logo, name or embroidery file to a uniform. The laborious process takes teams and days of coordination - just enough time to lose a sale.

This webinar showcased the journey from specification to personalization and selling online moving the buying cycle from days to minutes with better tools and customer experiences. The webinar also featured examples from leading uniform manufacturers and distributors.


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