Launch and Manage Multiple eCommerce Stores Using a Single Admin

Many eCommerce software platforms claim multi-store functionality, however not all are created equal.


Znode's architecture makes managing a multi-store eCommerce business easy.





Znode multi-store catalog management Multi-Store on other eCommerce software platforms

Operating from a single database, Znode has a flexible data structure allowing catalogs, categories, rules and other attributes to be applied at a store level.

This design not only means significantly easier store management and catalog management, it also allows for lighter hosting needs and faster sites. Faster sites mean better SEO and better customer experience.

Most eCommerce platforms offer limited architecture which creates the replication of work by duplicating the same catalog(s) across multiple eCommerce storefronts. This not only creates the need to manage multiple catalogs in multiple places it also creates significant need for increased hosting bandwidth, server power and data storage while creating a slower site.


Multi-brand and Multi-site eCommerce Platform Capability

Multi-store eCommerce has many applications including supporting multi-brand and multi-site needs. Holding companies that manage multiple brands have the opportunity to simplify eCommerce management at the enterprise level while developing unique shopping experiences at the brand level. There is no need to sacrifice centralized services or unique customer experiences.


White-label Storefronts

Power white-label storefronts or custom experiences for specific companies, audiences or buying groups. White-label stores allow manufacturers and distributors to create personalized experiences for specific channels and end-customers while simplifying the buying experience.


Niche eCommerce Stores

Execute customer segmentation strategies by employing niche stores. Optimize organic search with specific content and drive higher conversions through specific products. Niche sites are typically category specific, event specific or promotion specific.


Regional eCommerce Stores

Global shoppers desire a local experience. Regional eCommerce stores with the correct URL extensions, content, products and pricing drive higher engagement and conversions.


Customers Leveraging the Znode Multi-Store eCommerce Platform


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