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Land & Coates centralizes multi-brand, multi-store B2C and B2B ecommerce on Znode


Land & Coates is a family-owned and operated retailer and distributor of outdoor power equipment and aftermarket parts. The multifaceted company manages B2B distribution and ecommerce for Tidewater Power, serving a network of dealers nationwide, B2C distribution and ecommerce for Jacto Sprayers, and seven brick-and-mortar retail locations in Virginia.


Land & Coates sought to enhance its ecommerce experience to support local buyers better as well as grow a national customer base online. The company wanted to make it easier for both B2B and B2C buyers to find the right products and parts by leveraging optimized user experiences, advanced search capabilities, and seamless integrations with product data. 

With multiple brands and customer segments managed through multiple tech stacks, Land & Coates faced operational challenges. One of the company’s previous platforms offered limited customization capabilities through the CMS and lacked ERP integration, resulting in a lack of real-time data. The struggle to manage product data and integrate with other systems was preventing the 75+-year-old company from scaling effectively. 

Additionally, the previous platform had limited customer support making it difficult for Land & Coates to solve technical issues or grow with the platform. It was time for a new, centralized approach to ecommerce.


Land & Coates chose Znode to centralize its ecommerce and empower B2C and B2B buyers to find and buy parts more easily. Znode integrated with Land & Coates’ existing ERP, Epicor P21, leveraging real-time data as a single source of truth to feed all of the company’s ecommerce experiences. With multi-store and multi-brand capabilities, Znode allowed Land & Coates to manage product information and automatically push updates to all its stores from one admin console.

Now, Land & Coates can access fully customizable themes in Znode, as well as native PIM functionality, allowing each webstore to serve each brand while providing accurate product information. New, robust site search supports the company’s complex parts offering and allows buyers to convert quickly. Znode’s API-first architecture allows Land & Coates to seamlessly integrate parts diagrams from a third-party data provider into the ecommerce experience so shoppers can add products from diagrams directly into the cart.

Finally, Znode’s personalized and responsive approach to customer success has been a breath of fresh air for Land & Coates. Mike Amato, Ecommerce & Marketing Manager at Land & Coates, said of Znode, “A lot of times with software companies, once you buy the product, you don’t hear from your sales team anymore. That’s pretty much it. They’re done. But now I know if I need something, I can reach out, and somebody at Znode will get back to me.” Znode’s team is dedicated to supporting its customers and driving results every step of the way.

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