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Znode's Multi-Store Ecommerce Enables Scale and Growth

Quickly launch and manage multiple stores while significantly increasing speed to market.

Znode’s multi-store ecommerce enables administrators to easily create and manage multiple stores without duplicating databases or catalogs. Administrators can upload products to a master catalog (or database/product information management system) and assign the catalog globally, or create sub-catalogs which can be applied globally, to specific stores, or to one store. When a business needs to launch a new online store, the administrator simply applies a catalog (a virtual collection of products) or catalogs to a store. 

This architecture makes catalog management much simpler than traditional ecommerce platforms, and makes Znode a much lighter and faster platform.

PIM sending data to multiple stores through Znode multi-store

Improved speed to market + efficient store management = a perfect formula for growth

Highlights of Multi-Store:

  • Full control over all ecommerce stores in one central location
  • Improve speed to market by launching stores faster
  • Efficiently create and manage sub-catalogs from the master catalog
  • Apply catalogs and categories globally or at a store-level, allowing for greater flexibility
  • Provide a more personalized shopping experience with the ability to create custom stores
  • Efficiently manage pricing, shipping, tax, and promotions at a store-level
  • Boost store rankings with SEO management and the ability to create specific and unique URLs for stores

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