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Znode's Enterprise Site Search Features

Over 90% of online buyers are more likely to use site search versus browsing and on-site navigation. Although a few factors could contribute to this stat, including customers in the late stages of the buying process performing the site-searches leading to purchases, advanced search functionality is the key to improving customer experience, and increasing conversions and revenue. 

Znode has feature-rich native enterprise site search that can be easily managed from the platform’s administration console, and the ability to manage search across multiple stores with automatic indexing.

Znode’s enterprise site search features include:

Use analytics and search data to gather insights to build product promotions and drive sales. Populate landing pages with real-time search results and promotions.

Last Applied Search/Filter
The Znode administrator application can temporarily save the last searched keyword or the last applied filter on the list pages. This allows administrators to view the list page(s) with the applied search or filter even when they return back to the same list page from any other page.

Help customers quickly find the products they are searching for. Powered by ElasticSearch, Znode search results are auto populated and include product photography.

Natural Language Processing
Rely on natural language processing, including stop words, synonym-based search, spelling correction and keyword redirects, to ensure that customers get high-quality search results on the first try, regardless of phrasing, typos and grammar. 

Faceted Search
Improve product search results and streamline the customer’s journey. Use product filters to expose valuable information in an easy-to-shop format and put each attribute front and center.

Boost & Bury
Take control of online merchandising by choosing which products to showcase and which to suppress. Flexible boost & bury features allow ecommerce managers and marketers to push products based on market trends, inventory considerations, and promotional initiatives.

Voice Search
Znode can capture and convert spoken voice commands from customers to text, which is then searched in product information to find suitable results.

QR Code/Barcode Scanning
Customers at brick and mortar or retail stores can order and pay for products by scanning a QR code or barcode with the camera on their smart device.

This feature predicts the values of the fields based on the inputs provided by the administrators, and shows the possible suggestions to them. Administrators can use the typeahead feature in the single select and multi-select Store Name and Catalog Name dropdown fields. 

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