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Znode's Built-In B2B Ecommerce Features

25% of B2B organizations report that the completeness of a solution is the most important consideration when choosing an ecommerce platform (Forrester, 2018). However, many popular ecommerce platforms were developed for B2C commerce and are not delivering full B2B ecommerce functionality without significant customizations.

Znode has invested heavily in built-in B2B functionality to provide completeness of solution. Combined with the platform’s all-in-one capabilities, Znode’s built-in B2B ecommerce features makes it easier for businesses to personalize the B2B purchasing experience and decrease the total cost of ownership of a platform.

Znode’s built-in B2B features include:

Administrators can create accounts for companies and user profiles for groups of users associated with a company. User profiles are used to display specific content pages, catalogs, approvals and budgets, as well as shipping and payment methods to the associated user of an account.

B2B Approval Workflows
Znode supports five types of user approvals, including requisition workflow, order approval workflow, budgets, user order limits, and annual limits, that ladder up to an account.

Site Search
Site search is the biggest driver of customer satisfaction. Znode’s feature-rich native site search is designed for creating a great customer experience through conveniences such as natural language processing and auto-complete. Click here to learn more about Znode site search.

Unlimited Personalized Catalogs
Easily create customer-based catalogs that are unique to various customer profiles and support different channels. Catalogs can be applied to one store or many stores, and unique catalogs can be created for syndication and other applications.

Complex Inventory Support
Complex inventory support provides efficient inventory management and ensures inventory levels are accurately reflected on product pages. Znode allows for multi-warehouse inventory management, support for replacement products and discontinued products, batch and real-time inventory from ERP, and backorder support.

Complex Pricing Engine
Znode’s complex pricing engine enables a seamless buying experience for customers and immediate pricing transparency. Administrators can easily set multiple pricing levels, contract pricing, tier pricing, UOM-based pricing, multi-currency pricing, or batch and real-time pricing from the ERP. Specific pricing can also be set at the store, account, profile and user levels.

Order List Management
Customers can quickly and easily manage order or job templates, allowing for faster re-orderings and more efficient sales processes. Customers can also create multiple order or job templates and name them for future or repeated use.

Quote Management
Znode offers support for quotes, converting quotes to orders, and quotes approval management. 

B2B2B and B2B2C Functionality
Manufacturers and wholesale distributors can expand their business model and capture more revenue by managing B2B2B and B2B2C ecommerce experiences with Znode. This includes support for multi-tier distribution and franchisees functionality.

Easily launch and manage multiple ecommerce stores and distributor portals using a single platform and single admin console. Click here to learn more about Znode multi-store.

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