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Selling More with Znode’s Digital Sales Enablement Console

A Sales Enablement Dashboard Designed to Reveal Valuable Customer Insights

Znode’s Sales Enablement Console was developed to enable sales reps that have evolved into consultative specialists using data captured within the ecommerce platform. By marrying ecommerce data and evolved customer relationships, sales reps are enabled to use this data to provide more value to customers and optimize account opportunities.

A shift in B2B buyer behavior has left the traditional relationship style sales rep knocking at the empty office door. Buyers are performing the majority of product research online and without interacting with sales today. Even beyond the research step, buyers are expecting frictionless ordering as standards are set by consumer experiences. The COVID-19 pandemic has been and continues to push digital transformation at an exponential rate (also ensuring that the office is actually empty, hello remote workforce).

So where does the B2B sales rep provide value? Through digital sales enablement fed by account portfolio ecommerce behavior data. Sounds complex, but really, it’s as simple as analyzing ecommerce user behavior to identify product researching and ordering patterns.

Take the case of the buyer that purchases a specific set of products on a set frequency. A sales rep can look at this level of information to ensure the buyer continues to purchase on a routine schedule and even suggest subscription ordering to reduce the need for constant buyer inputs. When that buyer has a question regarding their most recent order, a sales rep can quickly address the question rather than waiting until after the sales call to loop customer service to handle the inquiry.

Znode’s Sales Enablement Console’s Capabilities

Sales reps can log into Znode and are presented with a dashboard that is personalized for them. The console will only show ecommerce data corresponding to the accounts and users that they are associated with and the web stores the sales rep has permissions to access. Since the sales rep role within Znode is a version of an administrator role, they can be permitted access to one or many web stores. Users can be associated with a specific sales rep from the user management section of the Znode administration console as well.Znode Digital Sales Enablement Dashboard

There are six components that make up the Znode Sales Enablement Console:

  1. Dashboard: an overview of recent activity to showcase the latest orders, quotes, returns; top account users by total sales; and quick links to create orders, quotes, and returns, accounts and users.
  2. Accounts: an overview of the account portfolio (the accounts the sales rep has been granted permissions to). Additional capabilities include an account detail view for managing users, orders, shipping and billing addresses, price management, contact information for an account and new account creation.
  3. Users: an overview of the users the sales rep has access to and features the ability to create new users. Additional capabilities including a user detail view for managing users, orders, billing and shipping addresses, pricing adjustments, contact information for the user and resetting passwords. The user's cart can be viewed and managed from the console or the sales rep can impersonate the user in the webstore.
  4. Orders: an overview of all orders submitted by users the sales rep has access to manage. New orders can also be created in the console or by user impersonation. Orders can also be managed by the sales rep.
  5. Quotes: an overview of all quotes submitted by users the sales rep has access to manage. New quotes can be created in the console or by user impersonation. Quotes can be managed and converted to an order by the sales rep.
  6. Returns: an overview of all returns submitted by users the sales rep has access to manage. New returns can be initiated by user impersonation. Returns can be managed and refunds processed by the sales rep.

Znode’s Sales Enablement Console curates data and provides tools to grow sales and deeper customer relationships.

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