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Manage Complex Ordering Processes with Znode’s New Commerce Portal

Empower Teams, Streamline Processes, and Scale Business Faster

The B2B ecommerce buying journey is more complex than simply adding products to a cart and completing an order. The complex nature of manufacturing and distribution often means orders come from multiple sources (e.g., online, offline, EDI, punchout) and require multiple team members to touch an order before it is submitted to an ERP. Each step in the process adds time and the potential for errors, hindering speed and scale for business. This is particularly true for companies with multiple ERPs. Enter Znode’s Commerce Portal – enabling teams to easily access order information, collaborate on orders, process approvals, and provide streamlined support for buyers.

Save Time with a Single Pane of Glass

Znode’s Commerce Portal empowers various roles across an organization to manage the total commerce experience from a single pane of glass. Teams can leverage the Commerce Portal to place, manage, and gain full visibility into all orders – regardless of how the order was placed or what stage it is in the process – without needing to log into an ERP or multiple ERPs. Orders placed in the Commerce Portal are routed to the correct ERP, making Znode the center of commerce for the entire business – sales, customer service, finance, and more.

Make Ordering Easier from Anywhere

The sales portal that makes ordering faster and more accessible.

Work Faster from Home

With more people working remotely in a post-COVID world, faster web-based applications like Znode’s Commerce Portal are critical to supporting sales. Salespeople can finally ditch slow VPNs and avoid logging into multiple ERPs by logging in directly to the Commerce Portal to view and manage accounts, place orders, and more. The Commerce Portal brings together online and offline ordering into a single pane of glass providing salespeople with a distributed application for managing all commerce. 

In-Person Events

Arm salespeople with the tools to initiate and manage orders at customer meetings, trade shows, conferences, and other in-person events. Eliminate the back-and-forth of phone calls and emails by initiating orders on the spot.

Simplify Complex Orders 

Znode’s Commerce Portal makes it easier than ever for teams to collaborate on complex orders that require multiple steps and stakeholders.

Centralize the Digital Paper Trail

Sick of never-ending email chains and communication breakdowns? What was once a collection of disparate emails can now be centrally managed through Znode’s Commerce Portal. Access order change logs to know who changed what and when.

Automate Processes

Znode’s Commerce Portal allows users to configure Order Flags to designate the actions needed to complete the order. Once Order Flags are set up, teams can add appropriate flags to the order to keep it moving along the process to completion to facilitate faster, clearer communication.

Streamline Approvals

Give teams the right tools to collaborate and complete orders.


Advanced permission control in Znode’s Commerce Portal allows administrators to define and assign multiple roles to each of the Commerce Portal users. Administrators can access more than 20 unique permissions within each role to control what users can see and change. This allows different permission models for different team members.

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