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Introducing B Stores

Power more B2B2C ecommerce with B stores

Znode’s B Stores empower the middle B in B2B2C business models to create and manage stores. Manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers can use B Stores to enable channels and grow digital sales at scale while maintaining control over customer data, product information, and more. The middle B is also able to self-serve and manage its own store making the new feature a smart choice for franchise stores, team stores, white label stores, and more.

Save time and scale business faster with B Stores

Manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers – acting as Store Administrators – save time by setting up store configuration rules and templates once and granting self-serve access to B Store Managers. 

Once B Stores are activated in the Admin Console, B Stores can be created and are derived from the master store. B Stores have a dedicated URL and leverage the configuration of the main store to make setup easy. B Store orders and customer data are accessible to both B Store Managers and Master Store Administrators. B Stores can also use existing integrations built for the main store, allowing orders to be sent to the ERP and other business systems connected to the master store.

Leverage easy-to-use, self-serve tools

B Store Managers can access product catalogs, leverage templates, and quickly create and launch a shopping experience for end customers. This empowers B Store Managers to easily create user-friendly shopping experiences tailored to end customers. 

For example, a sports equipment and uniform manufacturer can enable B Stores in Znode’s Admin Console to allow coaches to create and manage a team store that serves players, parents, and fans. A coach, in this case, would be the B Store Manager. The coach can quickly launch a store for her team by curating products from manufacturer-approved product catalogs, content, pricing, and branding.

Dealer networks can also benefit from B Stores. For example, a dealer sourcing products from a manufacturer can set up a B Store fueled by the product information, attributes, and existing integrations of the manufacturer’s master store. The dealer can then select which products to sell and offer additional services, such as setup, installation, and maintenance. 

In all scenarios, the Master Store Administrator maintains control while enabling channels to grow.

Deliver seamless customer experiences

With B Stores, the customer experience is seamless and easy. Customers access a curated shopping experience with the exact products, pricing, and functionality needed to purchase. 

For example, white label stores – where a company allows other companies to sell its products under its own name, with its own marketing to drive traffic and sales – are an ideal use case for B Stores. The manufacturer sets up master catalogs and parameters, then B Stores enables retailers and distributors to build their own stores quickly, choose which products to sell, and white label targeted to specific end customers. The end customer accesses a curated experience that aligns with the white label’s brand identity. To support the white label strategy, the manufacturer is invisible to the customer during the transaction. However, both the white label brand and the manufacturer can access customer data to fulfill customer orders, gain insights, and drive ecommerce growth.

Boost ROI and revolutionize speed and scale in B2B2C

Empowering the middle B in B2B2C to create and manage stores saves Store Administrators’ time and allows B Store Managers to quickly serve end customers with an optimal ecommerce experience. The result is unparalleled channel enablement, allowing businesses to quickly test and launch ecommerce strategies.

Experience B Stores! Watch the B Stores Product Launch webinar to learn more.


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