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B2B Ecommerce RFP Template

Get Serious About B2B Ecommerce With This Free RFP Template

Choosing the right ecommerce platform is a difficult task. Formulating a request for proposal (RFP) can be a lengthy effort. Luckily, Znode’s B2B Ecommerce RFP Template is available for manufacturers and distributors with complex ecommerce needs. This free RFP template includes components to address business needs and to qualify software vendors and system implementers.

Choosing an ecommerce platform that aligns to business complexities can be a daunting decision with long-term implications. This template covers many areas, including:

  • Instructions on how and when to complete
  • An explanation of the business’s operation model
  • The team org-chart
  • Short- and long-term objectives and goals
  • A vendor questionnaire (gauge the seriousness of a vendor’s B2B ecommerce experience)
  • THE ALL IMPORTANT - Requirements lists (hint: don’t forgot to ask How)
  • A client references list
  • A system implementers list

Check all the boxes in selecting the correct B2B ecommerce platform with the B2B Ecommerce Requirements Guide.

Why Download Znode’s B2B Ecommerce RFP Template?

This document is editable to only include the components relevant to your business. Be sure to rank the priority of each requirement so that prospective platform vendors can become informed about the business’s needs and create proposals to appropriately meet them.

Download The Serious B2B Ecommerce RFP Template by completing the form on the side bar.

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