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Znode delivers $3 million in average annual benefits

Znode delivers $3 million in average annual benefits

New research from the International Data Corporation (IDC) explores the value and benefits of the B2B multi-channel ecommerce platform Znode. Relying on in-depth customer interviews and the IDC methodology for determining business value, the IDC analysis found that the interviewed customers realized significant value from Znode, such as:

  • $3 million in average annual benefits
  • 45% more efficient platform support and management teams
  • 44% more productive developers
  • 43% more productive marketing and merchandising teams
  • 28% more productive customer service/support teams
  • 23% more productive sales team
  • 60% quicker page load times
  • 71% quicker business transaction execution

Download the full report to learn how the leading manufacturers and distributors leverage Znode to optimize business strategies.

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Znode is an enterprise, B2B ecommerce platform developed to enable sustainable growth through a rich set of all-in-one features to easily manage content, site search, product information and multi-store functionality. The platform is completely headless, with more than 1,200 API-endpoints, allowing for greater extensibility, easier integrations and consistent functional updates.

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