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Mission Linen Launches 400 B2B Ecommerce Stores


Mission Linen Supply is a premier B2B provider of linens, uniforms, and facility services. Founded in 1930, the company provides for over 40,000 restaurants, hospitals, hotels, corporations and casinos.


Mission Linen needed to efficiently update and manage 3,000 base products. The company also wanted to develop B2B stores for over 400 clients, with each store having its own set of unique business requirements such as shipping rules, pricing rules and promotional rules.


In order to meet the set requirements of each of its B2B stores, Mission Linen uses the profiles and rules functionality of Znode. With the platform, the company creates and applies user profiles on a store-by-store basis, and configures business rules based on store and user profile. While preparing to launch over 400 stores, Mission Linen was able to set up 50 within the first year. By leveraging Znode’s flexible architecture and multi-store capability, the company reduced store set-up time to under 30 minutes.

“The profiles are a very powerful feature that give us a lot of flexibility when configuring a store. We can create single stores that can provide different products, embroidery, payment, and shipping options based on the user profile."
-Dave Pattison, IT Director at Mission Linen

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