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MicroBilt Receives Credit for Innovative Ecommerce


For over 40 years, MicroBilt has been helping businesses assess and manage risk. The company provides businesses with powerful alternative credit data and risk management solutions to help them grow their business. MicroBilt also offers businesses a lease to own (LTO) platform to provide buyers with an easy path towards owning products from certain industries, such as home furnishings and auto parts.


MicroBilt needed an ecommerce platform that would allow the company to create multiple online stores for companies that were running its LTO platforms. MicroBilt struggled to find an ecommerce platform that was able to handle such a unique use case. The ecommerce platform needed to integrate with its credit reporting system which allowed for credit pre-approval of online buyers, and offer personalization of relevant products based on the end users credit history.


After an extensive search, MicroBilt chose Znode to power its LTO platform. Znode’s multi-store functionality enabled MicroBilt to easily launch and manage multiple ecommerce stores with a single administration console and single platform. This allowed MicroBuilt to onboard customers selling premium goods to buyers on a LTO model, and offer personalization and recommendation of products based upon the buyers credit. The company is now able to serve many customers and buyers all out of one Znode instance, making its business model more profitable and more sustainable.

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