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F&M Mafco Builds Ecommerce Success


F&M Mafco has provided heavy industrial tools and equipment for construction sites across the country since 1945. The company partners with over 1,700 manufacturers to offer rentals for tools such as hydraulic systems, welding equipment, and rigging supplies.


F&M Mafco has four unique business models. The company offers B2B equipment rentals, provides equipment to a branded site for key enterprise accounts, sells power and welding tools through a B2C store, and offers On-Site Support System (OSS) Packages, where equipment is brought to remote construction sites by trucks and distributed through barcode scanning. F&M Mafco needed one ecommerce platform to establish its online presence and run all four of its business models.

F&M Mafco Online Store


To better serve customers and easily administer ecommerce through a single platform, F&M Mafco chose Znode. The platform’s multi-store functionality and flexible framework provides F&M Mafco to support all four of its business models, and Znode’s built-in site search functionality allows for easy management of the company's large catalog of tools and equipment. F&M Mafco also leverages Znode’s headless architecture to support its OSS Packages by allowing for easy management of each truck’s tools and equipment inventory. Additionally, F&M Mafco uses Znode’s B2B account structure to organize and manage multiple construction job sites.

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