Looking for a feature rich, scalable eCommerce platform developed on the Microsoft stack? Look no further.


Znode is developed using the latest Microsoft ASP.NET MVC web application framework allowing for a powerful, patterns-based way to build dynamic websites. MVC enables a clean separation of concerns that gives the developer full control over markup for enjoyable, agile development.

Znode is 100% customizable and its unique headless architecture allows virtually every aspect of the storefront to be customized on top of the included ASP.NET shopping cart source code, C# libraries, and SQL Server database.
Znode's .NET system requirements:

  • Microsoft C# .NET Framework 4.6
  • IIS with .NET CLR V4.0
  • Windows Server 2012, 2016
  • SQL Server 2014, 2016
  • IE, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome
  • Visual Studio 2017 and above


In addition to modern, scalable architecture, Znode offers a full feature set for empowering eCommerce managers:

  • ZConnector Znode includes a pre-built business connector for easy integration into ERPs and legacy systems.
  • Content Management Easily create templates and empower the eCommerce team to quickly build landing pages and custom brand experiences.
  • Premium Search  Znode’s premium search allows for personalized search experiences, dynamic landing pages and increased conversions. No need for a third-party tool, expensive integrations or cumbersome indexing.
  • Product Information Management (PIM)  Easily manage product information in one place. Already have a PIM? Replicate the data structure, integrate the platforms and manage eCommerce product data in one admin.
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)  Znode makes managing digital assets easy through a built-in DAM. Organize and store digital assets in one platform utilizing one admin.
  • Order Management System (OMS)  Empower the customer service team to easily manage orders while reducing the need for a third-party OMS.


All features are accessible through REST APIs allowing Znode to empower rich, custom tailored eCommerce websites. Znode has been designed from the ground up to be extremely easy to use, highly scalable and enterprise-ready.


Customers leveraging the .NET architecture and scalability of Znode


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