Znode API headless layers

Easily build and integrate anything on top of the Znode headless eCommerce platform


A lot of eCommerce platforms are claiming to be headless. Looking at others? Ask the question – “how many APIs are developed and easily exposed?” Znode offers over 600 pre-built APIs.

The Znode eCommerce platform is delivered in the form of a headless engine. The API wraps around the main engine and core eCommerce libraries, providing a robust and easy-to-consume layer to build and integrate nearly anything on top of the Znode platform.

Anything can be put on top of Znode – websites, mobile applications, back office integrations – thus giving it any “head.”

The Znode Engine


The Znode engine consists of several layers and components that comprise all of the logic required to run an eCommerce platform:

Services – This layer sits just below the REST API and is responsible for invoking logic from the business libraries and aggregating data.

Business Libraries – These are the components that contain all of the primary logic for the Znode eCommerce platform.

Provider Engine – The provider engine is at the heart of the Znode platform and is a primary spot for extensibility and customization.

Search Engine – Znode comes with a very fast and powerful search engine, built using ElasticSearch, the industry standard search engine library.

Data Access – All data for Znode is stored in Microsoft’s SQL Server database and is retrieved using the Entity Framework, along with some custom stored procedures.

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