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Znode Academy

Znode Academy educates business users, administrators and developers on how to successfully implement and manage ecommerce with Znode.

znode platform training

Class Dates:

November 9, November 10 and November 11
Dates subject to change


This class will provide you an understanding of the key capabilities of the Znode enterprise ecommerce platform. Using a combination of demonstration, lecture, and hands-on workshops we will take you through proven tools and techniques that will allow you to build and manage your Znode stores.

Who Should Attend (offered for two audience tracks):

Functional Track - Business Consultants and Managers

This track is for non-technical staff who want to understand Znode. This track helps you understand the key functionality of Znode and provides best practices for building and managing product families, catalogs, pricing models, dynamic schemas, content, and Stores.

This track is best suited for individuals who want to know the foundational capabilities of Znode, so you can participate in or lead a team working on Znode solutions. These individuals are typically business analysts, ecommerce strategists, marketing/content team members, project managers, business managers, and ecommerce directors.

Technical Track - Technical Architects and Developers

This track is for individuals that will be heavily involved in the technical architecture and development of the Znode solution. This track introduces you to the technology stack, architectural model, and Znode SDK.

This track is best suited for individuals who need to know how to setup Znode, extend capabilities of the platform, and integrate other systems with Znode. These individuals are typically .net developers, front end developers, technical architects, and development directors.


Day One – Both Tracks

  • Online Training Introduction
  • Znode Introduction
  • Admin Overview
  • DAM Overview
  • PIM Design
  • CMS Overview
  • Pricing
  • Taxes and Shipping
  • Stores

Day Two - Functional Track - Business Consultants

  • Users and Security
  • Importing Data
  • CMS Details
  • Marketing Overview
  • Marketing Promotions
  • Blogs and News
  • Forms
  • SEO Overview
  • Site Search Setup Introduction
  • Class Review and Znode Product Certification Exam

Day Two - Technical Track - Technical Architects and Developers

  • Technology Stack
  • Architectural Introduction
  • Development and Hosting Requirements
  • Znode SDK Development
  • Znode Web Store Themes
  • Znode ERP Connectors
  • Znode Logging
  • API Introduction
  • Data Management
  • Example Extensions
  • Payment Methods
  • Class Review and Znode Product Certification Exam

Day Three (Optional Morning Open Question Sessions)

  • Product Roadmap Presentation
  • Open Questions Session

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