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Finally, a Microsoft .NET ecommerce platform.

Feature rich. Scalable. Look No Further.

For an ecommerce platform to thrive, having a flexible architecture to build on is key, as this enables administrators to freely update and improve their platform.

Znode is developed with the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC web application framework, allowing for a powerful, dynamic way to build websites. MVC architecture enables a clean separation of concerns that gives administrators full control over markup for enjoyable, agile development.

100% Customizable

100% Customizable

The headless Znode platform allows virtually every aspect of the storefront to be customized on top of the included ASP.NET shopping cart source code, C# libraries, and SQL Server database.

With .NET architecture and all features accessible through REST APIs, Znode is ready to empower rich, custom-tailored ecommerce websites.


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Scalable Technology Stack

Scalable Technology Stack

Znode’s premier tech stack–including Mongo DB, SQL Server and Elasticsearch–result in world-class database management, sub one-second page loads and robust search capabilities. Znode is enterprise-ready with load-balancing, multi-threading, and page, donut and API caching mechanisms that satisfy even the largest traffic burdens.

Completely Open REST API

Completely Open REST API

The Znode API is a completely open set of REST endpoints from which nearly anything can be built on top of. From the shopping cart checkout to creating administrative reports, Znode includes rich querying and filtering capabilities that allow requests for as much or as little data as needed.

Separating the client and the server with HTML requests, Znode’s REST APIs allow for a superior level of flexibility and scalability compared to standard data exchange protocols. Administrators can facilitate faster time to market, see reduced operational costs, and facilitate a smooth user experience. Whether building user interfaces and applications or integrating with various back office systems, the API is the central figurehead that makes everything go within, and outside of, Znode.

Technical Highlights:

  • Developed using ASP.NET web API
  • 100% RESTful endpoints
  • MongoDB API caching for speed
Security and PCI Compliance

Security and PCI Compliance

As a fully PCI compliant ecommerce platform, Znode takes data security very seriously. Sensitive information is safe and secure.

.NET System Requirements

Microsoft C# .NET Framework 4.6, IIS with .NET CLR V4.0, Windows Server 2012, 2016, SQL Server 2014, 2016, 2017, IE, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Visual Studio 2017 and above

  • Backend Technologies

    • ASP.NET C# WebApi
    • Entity Framework
    • Autofac
  • Frontend Technologies

    • ASP.NET MVC C#
    • Bootstrap 4
  • Persistence Technologies

    • SQL
    • MongoDB
    • Elasticsearch

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