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Znode 9.6.4 Release Webinar

Znode restructures cache eviction and debuts integration to Hangfire Scheduler reducing server-side complexity.

This 30 minute webinar will feature technical content and is intended for the technology and the developer audience. All are welcome to join.

Znode, the enterprise B2B ecommerce platform, will host a live webinar on Thursday, May 20th at 1PM CST. The Znode 9.6.4 Release Webinar will debut an integration to Hangfire for background job processing and scheduling and a restructured poll-based cache eviction, as well as a review of Znode’s roadmap. The webinar will be hosted by Derek Schroeder (Product Marketing Manager), Frank Connelly (Product Manager) and Brent Smith (Software Architect).

Znode 9.6.4 release includes:

  • Hangfire scheduler integration replacing the Windows Scheduler
  • Poll-based Cache Eviction

The integration of the Hangfire scheduler allows for a consolidation of the physical tech stack of the ecommerce platform through the elimination of the Windows Scheduler. This also helps remove the Windows Server OS as a dependency and poises the platform for leaner cloud-based deployment options. Polling cache eviction enhances the existing Znode framework, reduces configuration and setup, and allows for easy custom eviction logic to be added. Register for the webinar to learn additional benefits of both the cache eviction restructuring and integration to Hangfire scheduler.

Full release notes for the 9.6.4 release can be found in the Znode Knowledge Base.


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