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Q&A: Znode's Performance in the Paradigm B2B Combine Midmarket Edition

Znode has been awarded five medals in Andy Hoar’s Paradigm B2B Combine (Midmarket Edition) including three silver medals and two bronze medals. Tom Flierl, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Znode and its parent company Amla Commerce, shares insight on Znode’s performance in the Combine below.

Q: What is the Paradigm B2B Combine (Midmarket Edition)?

A: The Paradigm B2B Combine (Midmarket Edition) is an analysis of B2B ecommerce platforms. Each platform analyzed in the Combine is scored according to criteria in 10 performance categories established by former Forrester Analyst and B2B ecommerce thought leader Andy Hoar. In the categories that a platform excels, it is awarded a gold, silver or bronze medal. The Combine also identifies the strengths of each platform and where there is room for improvement.

Q: What are Znode’s strengths identified in the Combine?

A: Znode was awarded bronze medals in: 

  • Ability to Execute 
  • Content & Data Management

Znode was awarded silver medals in: 

  • Customer Service & Support
  • Integrations, Operations & Infrastructure
  • Total Cost of Ownership

 Znode’s strengths were recognized as:

  • Robust multi-store capabilities 
  • The ability to easily create complex custom catalogs
  • Responsive customer service
  • Consistent functional updates instead of platform upgrades
  • Extensive API library

Q: How will Znode continue to build on its strengths?

A: Complex B2B ecommerce is one of Znode’s greatest strengths, and the Znode team will continue to build on that. Znode is continuously releasing B2B functionality to better serve manufacturers and distributors and to reduce the need for platform customization.

Q: How is Znode addressing the “room for improvement” sections of the report?

A: Znode’s partner network, configurator and reporting were identified as areas that have room for improvement. 

Since the Combine occurred, the Znode partner network has expanded by more than 100% and we continue to add qualified partners that focus on B2B ecommerce.  

Znode’s sister product, Artifi Labs, enables product customization and live visualization. Artifi seamlessly integrates into Znode. However, since Artifi is a separate product and brand, it was not featured in the combine.

Znode has updated the reporting capabilities since the Combine. Znode customers can consume this update as part of the regular functional releases. Due to the architecture of Znode, this type of increased functionality is available through simple updates and expensive upgrade paths are not necessary.

Q: Overall, what are your thoughts on the approach of the Combine?

A: Andy did a nice job of covering a broad set of B2B ecommerce platforms. Many of the larger analyst firms cover the older, larger names in the industry; however the market is evolving very quickly. From a practicality perspective, many mid-market companies cannot afford to implement the larger platforms and larger enterprises are looking for more flexible platforms that are API driven. 

Paradigm B2B did the industry a service by broadening coverage.

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