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Znode Medals in 8 of 10 Categories of the Paradigm B2B Combine (Midmarket Edition)

Znode, an enterprise B2B ecommerce platform, has been awarded eight medals in Andy Hoar’s Paradigm B2B Combine (Midmarket Edition) including four silver medals and four bronze medals. The 2021 Paradigm B2B Combine evaluated 11 leading B2B ecommerce solutions and is scored according to specific criteria in 10 different categories. Znode received medals in the following categories:

Ability to Execute
Innovative and savvy ecommerce platform vendors deliver on promises. The ability to execute sets companies like Znode apart.

Customer Service & Support
Problems and issues often arise during implementations, and it’s up to vendors to maintain detailed processes and policies to ensure teams are highly available and qualified to fix any problems.

Total Cost of Ownership
Once a platform is implemented, it can quickly go from affordable to unaffordable. Znode’s total cost of ownership remains sustainable and economical.

Vision & Strategy
Choosing a B2B ecommerce platform is a major investment and success is tied to its vendor’s success. Providing transparency about a short- and long-term roadmap vision and plans to recruit partners and customers is pivotal.

Content & Data Management
The functionality with content and data management enables buyers to create, store and search-enable content and data for the purpose of driving commerce and sustaining customer loyalty.

Integrations, Operations & Infrastructure
How businesses deliver solutions, perform and scale, and incorporate key partner functionality and services continues to grow in importance.

Sales & Channel Enablement
This section describes the functionality that makes it possible to enable customer-facing sales reps and customer service reps, as well as channel partners, to participate in the digital sales of goods and services.

Transaction Management
At the end of the day, buyers need to be able to add an item to a cart and check out in order to complete a purchase. They may also need to configure purchases and ask for quotes.

“Znode is particularly well-suited for midmarket B2B companies looking for a value-priced, architecturally-headless .NET commerce platform capable of handling complex multi-store scenarios," says Andy Hoar.

“Being an API-first ecommerce platform with a wide array of native B2B features, Znode is the choice for innovative manufacturers and distributors that wish to get serious about B2B ecommerce,” says Znode CEO Rupesh Agrawal. “The team at Znode is very proud to deliver a scalable B2B ecommerce platform for businesses looking to future proof their ecommerce strategy.”

About Paradigm B2B

The Paradigm B2B Combine’s goal is to guide B2B companies through the digital-first environment. B2B companies need world-class strategies and roadmaps, as well as clearly differentiated customer experiences, in order to thrive in an increasingly disrupted commerce landscape. Paradigm B2B focuses on offering high-quality advice that’s well-informed and immediately actionable.

About Andy Hoar

Andy Hoar is one of the world’s leading authorities on B2B ecommerce business and strategy. He’s written about, and consulted extensively with, distributors and manufacturers at global Fortune 100 companies and leading mid-market B2B companies that are digitizing their direct and indirect selling initiatives. Prior to founding Paradigm B2B, Andy was a vice president and principal analyst at a global business and advisory services firm where he authored the seminal work on B2B ecommerce.

About Znode

Znode is an enterprise, B2B ecommerce platform developed to enable growth through a rich set of built-in features to easily manage content, site search, product information and multi-store functionality. Created for the unique needs of B2B ecommerce, Znode’s built-in B2B functionality enables workflow approvals, complex pricing, inventory, and product types as well as quote management. The platform features an API-first architecture with over 700 API-endpoints allowing for greater extensibility, easier integrations and consistent functional updates. Znode is a product of Amla Commerce.

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