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webinar: centrally managing ecommerce, from marketplaces to b2b portals

Centralized Multi-channel Ecommerce is more efficient.

Znode and Shoppingfeed hosted the "Centrally Managing Ecommerce, From Marketplaces to B2B Portals" webinar on October 18, 1:00 pm CST.
The webinar recording will be available shortly.

This 30-minute webinar discussed multi-channel ecommerce and how merchants are tackling the centralization of ecommerce. Questions answered included:

What is multi-channel ecommerce?
Modern merchants are no longer selling to just one audience; the focus is on maximum market share.

Why is managing multiple ecommerce technologies so painful?
As sales channels are added to the mix and M&A activity continues, inefficient technology stacks show their hand.

How are merchants centralizing ecommerce sales channel management?
Centralization of ecommerce is the key to efficiency for merchants in many ways.

How does Shoppingfeed centralize ecommerce?
One software to syndicate products to thousands of marketplaces.

How does Znode centralize ecommerce?
One platform to manage all commerce.

The impact of centralizing ecommerce and the tools to do so were shared in this webinar presented by Drew Kim, Director, US Market of Shoppingfeed and Tom Flierl, VP, Sales and Marketing, of Znode.

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