Expand Your Online Footprint With A B2B/B2C Marketplace

Create your own marketplace and enable hundreds to thousands of distributors, partners, and vendors to create and manage custom-branded online stores. With Znode distributors have the power to manage catalogs of products while also being able to add additional products from other suppliers.

Businesses looking to better enable distributors will find the Znode Multi-tenant Marketplace license is one of the most powerful and efficient eCommerce platforms available.


Multi-Tenancy for eCommerce

Multi-tenancy allows a single instance of a software application to create a hierarchy to serve multiple customers, or "tenants". Each tenant can then manage a series of stores with cascading admin privileges ultimately controlled by the master admin. This provides the ability to enable tenants to share and customize sections of an eCommerce platform. These customizations could include changes to the admin UI, product catalogs, special promotions, etc.

Multi-Tenant solutions enable an innovative business strategy for enterprises by allowing development and maintenance costs to be shared. This also allows manufacturers and distributors to provide access to enterprise software to respective vendors and franchisees, whom may not typically be able to afford such platforms and business models.


Znode's Unique Multi-Tenant eCommerce Marketplace Application

Each industry has unique business requirements when it comes to deploying an eCommerce strategy. Znode with online Marketplace capabilities allows your organization to deploy strategies developed around different scenarios that are then personalized to your specific online business needs. Marketplaces may be used for many existing business models, especially those that practice B2B2C eCommerce. Supporting models include:

  • Manufacturers -> Distributors -> End Users
  • Organization -> Affiliates (Independent Agents, Partners) -> End Users
  • Franchisor -> Franchisee -> End Users
  • Organization -> Customer -> Users

Marketplace is Multi-Tenant eCommerce with Online Marketplace Capabilities

It can greatly expand your online commerce footprint and enable hundreds to thousands of stores for distributors, partners, vendors, agents, and franchises with the ability to create and manage their own custom-branded stores. Each one of your distributors will have the power to engage their customers with your products, maximizing your profitability and expanding your online reach.

  • Create turnkey eCommerce websites quickly for your vendors, distributors, partners, and, franchises, & affiliates
  • Access centralized administration for both you, the franchisor, and franchisees, distributors, and, partners to easily manage eCommerce web stores
  • Ability to share and integrate products, catalogs, promotions, branding, and more with distributors and vendors
  • Access to flexible, easy to use, architecture for .NET developers

Distributed Agent eCommerce

This is an innovative eCommerce strategy developed for businesses looking to increase sales through improved enablement of their agent channel. This eCommerce strategy enables you to provide your agents with the features and capabilities of Multifront while allowing them to produce more personalized online shopping experiences.


Online Franchising eCommerce

This gives companies the ability to retain control of their franchises while allowing franchisees to perform day-to-day management of their eCommerce website(s). This strategy allows you to more effectively manage your brand while better enabling your franchisees through improved collaboration. The end result is increased channel revenue, an expanded web footprint, better quality control and more.


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Augmented Platform

This gives companies currently running a legacy enterprise platform the ability to keep their existing platform but still leverage the dynamic capabilities of Multifront. As a result, you will now have the ability to create highly customized and engaging shopping experiences in less time, while leading to higher conversion rates, improved customer retention, and increased sales.