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MPW Pumps Up Ecommerce with Znode


MPW Industrial Services is the leading provider of integrated, technology-based industrial cleaning, water purification, facility management, and total waste services in North America. MPW Industrial Services assists in enhancing operational efficiencies, improving reliability, and minimizing costs for customers.


MPW sought to reduce the burden on sales and customer service representatives taking manual orders and service requests via phone with an ecommerce portal. The merchant sought to improve customers’ experience with virtual machine models to monitor machine status and allow customers to purchase new parts or place service requests from the same experience.

The ability to create a variety of keyword-optimized webpages to generate organic search traffic to the storefront was necessary for MPW to draw in new customers. Also necessary for the merchant was complex shipping controls to accommodate customer-provided carriers for heavyweight items.

The merchant required a flexible platform built on the Microsoft .NET framework to maximize existing internal .NET development resources. MPW wanted to avoid an ecommerce platform requiring expensive customizations and additional costs when scaling to a more robust ecommerce strategy.


After an exhaustive search for the right platform, MPW found Znode, which met MPW’s ecommerce requirements. Znode’s extensible architecture also enabled integration with MPW’s machine modeling system, allowing logged-in shoppers to check the status of equipment and place service requests or part orders based on machine health information.

MPW utilized Znode’s content management system (CMS) capabilities to build various landing pages to drive organic search traffic, including product list pages by brand, industry, and application. Znode allowed MPW to set up complex shipping options, accommodating customer-provided carriers for heavyweight items. Znode provided MPW with functionality that enables customers to request services such as off-site membrane cleaning and media filter system rebedding through MPW’s online storefront. Per MPW’s requirements, Znode’s .NET-based platform and Commerce Connector quickly integrated with MPW’s JD Edward's ERP system. By investing in Znode, MPW continues to provide excellent products, services, and customer experiences through improved B2B ecommerce.

“Both the native B2B features Znode provided, and the integrations we established with the platform gave MPW the digital advancements needed to improve the experience for customers.”

- Tony Miller, Director of Information Technology

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