Fully customize and manage multiple product catalogs with Multifront.

Multifront features a fully customizable ecommerce product catalog that has been designed specifically to increase sales conversions and can be re-structured to fit virtually any branding and ecommerce website guidelines for a seamless customer experience. 

Managing the product catalog for your ecommerce website can be a daunting task if you don’t have the right ecommerce platform. Znode Multifront streamlines product catalog management, which you’ll appreciate whether you have one ecommerce website or multiple online stores. 

Highlights of the Multifront ecommerce product catalog:

  • Fully customizable product catalog
  • Complete product catalog management
  • Multi store catalog to easily create and manage multiple ecommerce stores
  • Sell tangible and intangible products
  • Unlimited product categories and product listings
  • Easily manage product information
  • Advanced catalog search and navigation

Share your product catalogs across multiple ecommerce websites.


If you have more than one ecommerce website or ecommerce channel, your product catalogs can be

shared or used independently. In some cases, you may want to share products and

branding between ecommerce websites. Sharing products and customer information between

ecommerce stores is quick and easy with the Multifront ecommerce platform since all of your data

resides in a single SQL Server database.


Features of Multifront's multi store product catalog include:

  • Multiple ecommerce stores can be mapped to one or multiple URLs
  • Multiple product catalogs can be shared across stores
  • Share departments or categories across product catalogs
  • Create different pricing and promotions depending on the store
  • Share or use unique profile settings for each store
  • Share customer accounts across stores.
  • Share or create unique templates/ themes for each ecommerce website.


Take An Online Tour

View our Multifront® demo and see how you can set up different product catalogs, brands, promotions and more. You will also be given the ability to login and interact with our simplified user dashboard.

Unlimited product listings and categories - tangible and intangible.

Multifront’s ecommerce product catalog features the ability to add unlimited hierarchical categories at multiple levels, enabling users to find products easily. Each product can be added to multiple categories, and there is virtually no limit to the number of products you can add. Our scalable ASP.NET ecommerce platform is designed and load tested to handle high traffic and large catalogs with millions of SKUs without sacrificing performance.

Multifront’s rich, adaptable product catalog allows you to sell and promote virtually any type of product or service. The flexible catalog is specifically designed to present product information to shoppers in clear, concise and easy-to-navigate manner to increase conversions.

You can sell both tangible and intangible products (i.e. software and services) using the Multifront ecommerce product catalog. Tangible products can include a variety of shipping options including FedEx, UPS and custom shipping rules. Downloadable products can include a link to the software for immediate download. You can even associate unique license keys for software downloads.

Manage product information, categories and home page content.

The Product Detail Page can display a variety of product information including descriptions, specifications, feature lists, customer reviews, shipping information, pricing, discounts, highlights and more. All this information is organized in a user-friendly tabbed layout that uses AJAX to present information without refreshing the page.

If you like, you can add optional add-ons to products (i.e. “gift wrapping") or require users to select a set of pre-defined attributes, such as “size” and “color.” The combination of attributes can be tied to an inventory item (SKU) so you can also manage orders and available inventory for each product.

The Product Category Page displays a listing of all products in that category. You can also display sub-categories within each category. The product listing also displays filtering options to allow the user to search by options such as popular products or price. You can opt to display only a limited number of products per page, to improve store performance under high load conditions. The category page also has completely customizable rich text blocks to enable you to add text, images, rich media and documents to help sell your products more effectively.

The Home Page includes a content managed area that allows you to add text, images, flash and other rich media. You can also display store products such as "specials" on the home page to promote certain products.

Designed for marketing and ecommerce business users.

Multifront makes it easy for non-technical business users to manage your ecommerce websites and product content with little-to-no training. The product catalog management feature has a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation and design. 

Most marketing and ecommerce business professionals can begin building out and customizing the product catalog right away. Not only will this help increase speed-to-market, but also greatly reduces the overhead costs of having to utilize your IT staff.

Easy product catalog management for you. Better shopping experiences for you customers.

           For You...           For your customers...
Tree Structure Navigation   Create multiple categories & sub-categories; assign products across categories; search for and find products quickly.
  Find what you want more quickly with clear, concise navigation and search.
ASP.NET Master Pages, CSS Style Sheets & User Controls   Meet brand guidelines; match existing marketing on other channels; customize the visitor experience.
  Feel comfortable shopping and purchasing in an appropriately branded environment.
Customizable Shipping Options   Out-of-the-box integration with UPS & Fedex; integrate with internal shipping tracking system.
  Have confidence in how your product will be shipped.
Customizable Payment Options   Out-of-the-box merchant status; PCI-compliant payment processing; lower abandonment.
  Choice of credit cards or Paypal; feel secure your sensitive information will be safe.
Tiered Product Pricing   Establish pricing rules and tie to customer profiles.
  Automatically receive preferred pricing or discounts if applicable.
Customizable Tax Engine   Taxes automatically computed based on product class, country, state; use middleware to retrieve taxes from tax services provider.
  Rest assured that the proper taxes will be applied correctly to your purchase.
Multiple Languages & Currencies   Product catalog handles multiple languages; payment engine handles multiple currencies.
  Feel comfortable doing business in your native language/ currency; switch between languages while shopping or at checkout.
Advanced Catalog Search   Allow users to search for products based on keywords, product number, SKU and more. Users can also search within specific categories.   Find more relevant products quickly and easily. Conduct more detailed product searches.


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