Create hundreds of ecommerce websites in 90-120 days!

Multifront® provides the fastest, large-scale ecommerce platform implementation capability of any ecommerce shopping cart software on the market. Znode users can design, build, and roll out literally hundreds of customized ecommerce websites in as little as 90-120 days. Other solutions can take up to 18 months to implement.

The Multifront ecommerce platform also boosts efficiency by enabling marketers and ecommerce professionals to rapidly create and launch new ecommerce stores, campaigns, products, promotions, and more without the need for IT resources.

Design and launch ecommerce sites using shared attributes.

The ability to quickly create micro-stores gives marketers the ability to launch new products and promotional campaigns faster than ever before. The Multifront dashboard makes this possible because of the ability to share attributes and objects across different stores.

Once the master catalog is setup, you can select exactly what should be shared between stores including merchandize, shipping options, promotions, tax rules, customer accounts, and more.

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Accelerate time to develop fully customized ecommerce stores.

Multifront’s unique flexible ASP.NET architecture enables IT teams to build and deploy highly customized ecommerce websites faster than ever before. Your development team can build a highly effective ecommerce solution without worrying about constraints often associated with other ecommerce software. 

Studies show that a typical ecommerce implementation with Multifront is faster by 65% or more compared to other leading platforms.

Delegate control to multiple users through the simplified dashboard.

The Multifront ecommerce platform allows marketers to delegate specific operational controls to users in other departments or external service providers, helping to speed operations. The simplified dashboard uses a role-based system, which allows you to control access rights for each user. For example, an SEO agency would only be allowed to see and change SEO settings. 

The dashboard has been specifically designed for non-technical users hence reducing training requirements. Using the Multifront dashboard, marketers can also launch promotional campaigns based on customer segmentation, seasonal demands, channels, and more. Campaigns can be launched on a very short notice giving marketers a competitive advantage.

Deploy complex business rules quickly.

Sometimes ecommerce businesses have requirements for special promotions or shipping rules that may not be easily handled by your core ecommerce platform. Usually such promotions require significant development efforts and the system to be taken down for deployment. 

Multifront solves this problem using an innovative capability called Hot Swap Rules Engine. Using this approach, IT teams can quickly add complex business rules within hours and deploy them to your ecommerce website with no downtime. Your marketing team can then utilize those business rules to create promotional campaigns.


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