You need an ecommerce platform that can create relevant ecommerce shopping cart experiences.

Relevance is tied closely to consumer choice and localization, and empowers organizations to make sure their ecommerce websites are relevant. This could mean being relevant to the season, the geographic location, the campaign, and the latest trend or fad.

Relevance is also tied closely to the ability to respond and react. An ecommerce business that can rapidly take advantage of a change in consumer and spin up new ecommerce websites quickly will reap the rewards. Waiting weeks or months will allow precious time to be lost to faster, more nimble competitors.

Relevance to your ecommerce business (and bottom line) is speed to revenue. The Multifront ecommerce platform features unique capabilities to boost revenue and profits by creating, delivering, and driving multiple online stores that offer a personalized, relevant ecommerce experience.

Relevance allows your ecommerce shopping cart software to further define personalization.

Znode Relevant Ecommerce Model for Ecommerce Platforms

This model packages up the relevant high-level feature sets required by enterprises seeking to launch or replace an ecommerce platform. In the center is the need, in the next ring is the organization's requirements, followed by what those requirements will enable. This results is a highly relevant ecommerce solution for your business.

Relevant ecommerce features and capabilities.

In order to create compelling and engaging personalized ecommerce website experiences for your customers, you need an ecommerce shopping cart platform that offers unique features and capabilities.




  • Implementation Flexibility

    The Multifront® ecommerce platform can completely replace existing ecommerce solutions OR can be integrated on top of them, preserving the investment in these legacy systems and data structures while implementing dramatic new levels of flexibility and power to create and roll out multiple, specialized, relevant online stores.

  • Speed to Market

    Multifront® provides the fastest, large-scale ecommerce solution implementation capability of any shopping cart software on the market. Znode users can design, build, and roll out literally hundreds of custom, relevant online stores in as little as 90-120 days. Other solutions take up to 18 months to implement.

  • Speed to Revenue

    Retail has lead in outstanding growth in online sales, but that's the only industry that can benefit from ecommerce. In the highly competitive online sales arena where EVERYTHING is one click away, retailers absolutely must find a way to connect and engage with consumers.

  • Personalization

    The Multifront® ecommerce .NET platform provides the tools that you need to build and roll out segmented, customized, personalized, relevant ecommerce websites. Your ecommerce business may have thousands of SKUs, but any given online shopper may only be interested in a handful. Multifront® helps you build an online store targeted on shoppers' wants and needs.

  • Customization

    A single, enormous ecommerce website intended to meet the needs of all possible customers is likely to meet the needs of none of them. What’s required is segmented, customized, relevant online stores.

    Multifront® ecommerce shopping cart software is a proven ecommerce solution that allows organizations of any size to quickly, easily, and inexpensively create, deliver, and drive fully custom online stores.

  • Localization

    Online shopping and buying varies differently from region to region, down to the neighborhood level. Multifront® is the only ecommerce shopping cart software that helps organizations quickly, easily, and inexpensively create highly localized online stores designed to be relevant to local shoppers.

  • Ease of Use

    Znode created its ecommerce software with the insight that although it takes technical staff to install and do initial setup of any ecommerce solution, it's marketing and merchandising that need to be able to create and manage online stores.

    The Multifront® platform is equipped with the easiest to use administrative tools of any ecommerce software platform currently on the market. It's designed to be used by non-technical personnel, and equips users with the ability to customize and create literally hundreds of unique, segmented, relevant online stores in just weeks.


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