B2B ecommerce and B2C ecommerce customers have unlimited options.

The online shopper has almost infinite online options. While this may initially seem like a blessing, it’s clear that shoppers are responding to more than just wide selection and price.

Some B2B and B2C ecommerce companies are attempting sophisticated (and expensive) ecommerce shopping cart experiences based on what some call personalization. Examples of this are Netflix and Amazon. Each of these vendors have built extensive systems and algorithms that not only recognize the individual shopper, but also correlate their shopping and buying against millions of other shoppers to present new items that are likely to appeal to the customer.

Amazon and Netflix are successful because they present items that are relevant to the customer’s interests. Your ecommerce platform should have the same ability.

Online shoppers want a personalized and relevant shopping experience.

Online shoppers can find exactly what they want.

What this all means is that online shoppers can find exactly what they want, as well as, other related items in smaller more relevant ecommerce websites. It also means a quicker buying decision and an opportunity for up selling and cross selling by providing a highly relevant selection. 

More sales, higher sales. That’s what relevant ecommerce means.

Personalization is nice. Relevance is what matters.

Important factors in providing online shoppers with a relevant ecommerce website experience include:

  • Customer's Shopping History
  • Current Product Offerings
  • Different Brand Offerings
  • Cross Selling Similar Products
  • Shopper's Location
  • Personalized Offers & Promotions

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Relevance to B2C ecommerce customers.

While personalizing content for B2C ecommerce certainly isn't a new practice, it's becoming more and more critical as ecommerce customers now have almost unlimited buying options. Business-to-consumer ecommerce customers want to be presented with shopping options relevant to their needs. This includes products, brands, promotions, and more.

It's no longer as simple as personalizing your product catalog, or localizing your offers; B2C ecommerce shoppers require an engaging ecommerce shopping cart experience. Since business-to-consumer ecommerce shoppers tend to frequent online stores much more than B2B ecommerce customers, they expect to be presented with relevant content when they return to sites. This content should be personalized based on their previous transactions, browsing history, location, gender, age, etc.

True relevance to B2C online shoppers is the culmination of an engaging ecommerce shopping cart experience, resulting in the products they seek, as well as, similar products, relevant offers, and a reason to continue to return to that ecommerce store.

Relevance to B2B ecommerce customers.

Until recently, personalization was a feature more common with business-to-consumer ecommerce sites than B2B ecommerce websites. B2B ecommerce customers had to typically resort to contacting sales or support to find the content they needed. That's no longer the case. Business-to-business ecommerce websites require the same relevant shopping cart experiences as their B2C ecommerce counterparts.

Relevance to B2B online shoppers is the ability to find the information relevant to the products and services they're interested in, quickly and easily. By personalizing the B2B ecommerce shopping cart experience, it allows business-to-business buyers to spend less time seeking out answers, and more time evaluating the products and services relevant to their needs.

The less clicks the better, as most B2B ecommerce customers have deadlines and need to gather product information as quickly as possible.

Creating engaging ecommerce website experiences

In order to create engaging ecommerce store experiences relevant to your online shoppers, you need an ecommerce platform that can custom-tailor the entire shopping lifecycle.


Entering the online store
  • Multiple entry points including optimization for search engines
  • Multi-channel support - mobile, catalog integration, etc.
  • Personalized portals
  • Single sign-on
  • Bypass authentication when possible
Researching products and reading reviews
  • Internal search, browse, product finder, etc.
  • Compare products, internal and external
  • Community assurance including ratings & reviews
  • Relevant content including rich media, video
Shopping for products and finding offers
  • Product configuration
  • Integrated shopping advice
  • Targeted offers
  • Segmented ecommerce stores
  • Accurate up-to-date pricing
  • Multiple purchase paths
  • Cross-sell / Up-sell suggestions
  • Click-to-chat and call
  • Co-shopping
Buying products and the checkout process
  • Ecommerce shopping cart / checkout
  • Global payment options
  • Currency translator
  • Shipping options
  • Subscription billing
  • Promotions
  • Discounts & coupons
  • Price rendering
  • Address entry
  • "Never enter cart" options
Receiving and using the product
  • Software and digital media download
  • Digital content management
  • Services activation
  • Services advisor
  • Service management
  • Proactive order status
  • Physical delivery time consistent with online information
Interacting post-purchase & loyalty programs
  • Forums
  • Online Chat
  • Blogs, Wikis and Communities
  • Media galleries
  • Loyalty programs
  • Global sentiment tracking
  • Co-browse
  • Content syndication
  • Surveys
  • Beta site for testing new functionality
Online customer support
  • Knowledge Base
  • Product Support
  • Order Care
  • Integrated learning content & targeted offers for purchased products
  • Product & service registration
  • Retail registration
  • Automatic retail registration
  • Warranty management


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