Multifront utilizes powerful technologies to provide a highly flexible and scalable .NET ecommerce platform.

The technology pieces used by Multifront will be familiar to anyone who has worked with Microsoft web technologies. Multifront uses best-of-breed technologies to provide a highly-customizable, robust .NET ecommerce platform.

Multifront Technology Stack

  • ASP.NET Platform

    The Multifront ecommerce platform is built on top of the powerful ASP.NET web application framework. Utilizing the strength of web forms, MVC, and Web API, Multifront allows you to easily customize and manage its ASP.NET components to build an ecommerce solution that fits your ecommerce business needs.

  • C# Language

    Every line of server-side code in Multifront is written in C#, the standard Microsoft language used to build enterprise-class solutions on the web. With all libraries written in C#, there’s no need to worry about switching languages when customizing the Multifront ecommerce platform to meet your ecommerce website requirements.

  • SQL Server Database

    The backbone of the Multifront ecommerce software is its SQL Server database, which provides relational data storage and support for high throughput transactions. Multifront’s use of SQL Server allows it to support large-scale environments and handle significant performance requirements.

  • .netTiers Framework

    The data access component of Multifront utilizes .netTiers, an open source code generation framework that provides fully compilable code and stored procedures. All data going in and out of the Multifront .NET platform is handled by .netTiers.

  • Lucene.NET

    The Multifront ecommerce software features dynamic ecommerce site search capabilities built into it, which comes courtesy of the Lucene.NET search engine library. Lucene is recognized as the industry leader in search performance, and this is reflected in Multifront’s use of the Lucene.NET search engine libraries.

Technical Requirements

Multifront requires the following software: 

  • .NET 4.5 
  • Internet Information Services 7 
  • Windows Server 2008 
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 
  • Visual Studio 2012


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